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Styles Change Over Time

Things start trending and soon fade out. That is what we have ran into with wall paper. Years ago wall paper was a must have in your home or business and we had hung a ton of it but some years later people started to switch trends and it became obsolete. We have hung thousands of yards of wall paper and taken off a thousand more. We know that it can be tough to get off and that is where our experience pole vaults us to the front of the competition.

Our Wallpaper Hanging & Removal Projects

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Why Let the Professionals Install My Wallpaper?

Changing the look of your room is a big decision to make. When thinking about changing the way your walls look, adding the right kind of wallpaper is important. If you are not experienced in wallpaper installation or if your time is limited on this project, then it may be best to hire a professional. With the help of our J.B. Rodgers Painting team, you will see many benefits from letting our professionals install your wallpaper.

Saves Time – Our professionals will save you time by installing your wallpaper for you. You can go about your day while we enhance your home or business with a professional wallpaper installation.

Professional Installers Are Knowledgable – Your professional wallpaper installation technician should know how to do everything from removing old wallpaper to priming new drywall. 

Less Frustration – Professional wallpaper installation will leave you less frustrated. If you don’t have much experience with wallpaper installation, hiring a professional will eliminate the aggravation of having to hang it.

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Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?

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Why Do I Need To Remove My Old Wallpaper?

If you have been thinking about updating your office space, removing the old wallpaper on your walls will help modernize it. Removing the old wallpaper will also help:

Find Mold and Mildew – If your building has mold or mildew, keeping the old wallpaper up will take longer for it to be noticed. This is why it is important to let our J.B. Rodgers Painting professionals remove your old wallpaper.

Outdated Look – Old wallpaper can make your space look old and outdated. The old look can even turn customers and potential clients away.

Improves Air Quality – Keeping old wallpaper can greatly impact the air quality because of the trapped moisture between the wall covering and the sheetrock, eventually creating mold and mildew. Getting rid of the old wallpaper will remove the stuffy air that has taken over your home or workspace.

Our Process

Prep The Area

We'll cover exposed areas with plastic and tape it down. We'll use floor coverings and ensure furniture is protected.

Let's Paint!

This is what we do best! We paint meticulously and make sure the area stays clean the whole time. We pick up behind us and the only thing we leave behind is a fresh new look.

Review Our Work

We'll review the finished job to ensure it's up to expectations. This is the time where we will complete final cleaning and any touch-ups necessary.

Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?

We'll Help You Choose Your Design

Do you need help picking out the new theme for your room? Finding the right wallpaper color and design for the rooms in your home can be a daunting task. With our help, the journey to creating the perfect theme for your home does not have to be excruciating. Our team of professionals will help you find the right wallpaper for your home or business and we will make sure the installation process goes smoothly, leaving you satisfied. 

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Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?