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There Is No Job We Haven’t Seen

With a Combined 40 years experience, there is no job we haven’t seen. Because of our unmatched experience we have the confidence to complete any interior or exterior project that you might need. We have worked on various homes from the ones at the top of the market all the way down to the bottom and our quality is the same through and through. We have also done numerous commercial interior and exterior projects as well.

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Create A Perfect Color Theme For Your Home

If you have been thinking about changing the theme of your room with a fresh coat of paint, finding the right color can be a challenge. Whether looking for a warm inviting color or something fun and relaxing, with the help of our J.B. Rodgers Painting professionals your home will meet the beauty it deserves. We are here to help you create the theme you are looking for. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?

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What Are the Benefits of Painting My Interior?

A nicely painted room leaves many ideas open on how you want it to look. The aesthetics of your room will come to life once it is painted. There are also many other benefits to having a beautifully painted room.

Boost the Mood of Your Home – A new coat of paint throughout your home can boost the mood. You and your family may find more joy in being at home.

Protects And Prevents Interior Damage – Most interior walls are made of different materials and absorb moisture. The moisture eventually causes damage. Paint is designed to seal out moisture from getting into the porous walls.

Improves Air Quality – With better technology and a growing interest in health many interior paints are made with low to zero volatile organic compounds. A fresh coat of paint collects dust, keeping allergens to a minimum, improving the quality of air in your home.

Our Process

Prep The Area

We'll cover exposed areas with plastic and tape it down. We'll use floor coverings and ensure furniture is protected.

Let's Paint!

This is what we do best! We paint meticulously and make sure the area stays clean the whole time. We pick up behind us and the only thing we leave behind is a fresh new look.

Review Our Work

We'll review the finished job to ensure it's up to expectations. This is the time where we will complete final cleaning and any touch-ups necessary.

Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?

#1 Local Interior Paint Professionals In Paducah

The interior of your home or business is supposed to give a welcoming presence when guests visit. If there is dirt, chipped paint, or stains on the walls, the beauty, and cleanliness of your walls can be unappealing. However, with the help of our J.B. Rodgers Painting professionals, your home or business will see the restored beauty of each room. We are #1 in professional interior painting in the Paducah area. If you need the interior of your home or business painted give us a call for a free quote.

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Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?