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Making Your Exterior Stand Out In Lexington

The exterior of your home or business deserves greatness. A new coat of paint by our J.B. Rodgers Painting experts will reassure you that the curb appeal of your home or business does not lack. Once our painting professionals come to your home they will assess the areas that need to be painted and prepare them by setting up the workspace with paints, paintbrushes, and ladders. The professionals will then move any plants or furniture away from your home and secure any other areas that may be exposed to the paint. Afterward, our professionals will paint your home and clean up any mess left behind.

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What Are the Benefits of Having the Exterior of My Home Painted?

Your beautiful home should always look its best. Having the exterior of your home professionally painted will show off the extravagance of it along with many other benefits of having a professionally painted home.

Identify and Treat Insect Damage – A professional painter will identify and treat insect infestations like termites. A professional coat of paint will save your home from insect invasions.

Saves You Money – A professionally painted home is not as expensive as many homeowners think it is. With the best quality paint and our J.B. Rodgers Painting professionals, the exterior of your home will see life longevity. 

Reduces Stress – You will be free of stress and worry with a professional paint job and you will not have to worry about climbing the ladder.

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Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?

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Let Us Climb the ladder

Thousands of injuries happen every year from homeowners climbing ladders while doing a home improvement project. The lack of experience in using a ladder can not only cause an injury but also delay the time it takes to do the project. With the help of our J.B. Rodgers Painting professionals, you will not have to worry about climbing a ladder or tediously moving it around all day to make sure you get every inch of the exterior of your home when painting. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to have your home painted.

Our Process

Prep The Area

We'll cover exposed areas with plastic and tape it down. We'll use floor coverings and ensure furniture is protected.

Let's Paint!

This is what we do best! We paint meticulously and make sure the area stays clean the whole time. We pick up behind us and the only thing we leave behind is a fresh new look.

Review Our Work

We'll review the finished job to ensure it's up to expectations. This is the time where we will complete final cleaning and any touch-ups necessary.

Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?

The Best Exterior Painters In lexington

At J.B. Rodgers Painting our painting professionals are skilled in making homes and businesses look amazing. Our experience in using the right paint, using ladders, and acknowledging problems before the painting process makes us the best local professional painters in the Lexington area. We work hard to bring satisfaction and care to every project and our friendly staff works to make sure every client is our priority. We strive for perfection because we love what we do.

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Looking for a quality and affordable contractor for your next project?